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Can I Be Forced to Buy Goods I Break Instore?

We Have Simple Answers for You!

The Consumer Protection Act protects you, the consumer from unfair business practices by the people selling things to you. You may find this Act by clicking here: Consumer Protection Act

Am I Allowed to Touch?

Firstly, it is important to understand that you have a right to examine the goods that are being sold to you. This means that you may freely inspect the goods in order to decide which goods you want to buy. In addition, you have the right to chose,  meaning you are allowed to reject the goods you do not want  and get the goods you do want, provided you have not yet paid for them.

Do I Pay for what I Break?

The law gives a very simple answer to this question..NO!

You are not required to pay for any goods that you may break in the process of examining goods. This is regardless of whether the shop has signs like this or not:

nice to see


However, the shop owner can make you pay for the broken goods if you broke the goods because:

  • you were acting recklessly
  • you did not show any level of care
  • you broke the goods intentionally

We hope this has been as useful as it is simple. 


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