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Should I Pay a Fee When I Cancel a Booking, Reservation or Order?

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The Consumer Protection Act protects you, the consumer from unfair business practices by people selling goods or offering you services. You may find the full Act by clicking here: Consumer Protection Act

Can I Cancel A Booking, Reservation or Order?


You have the right to cancel any booking, reservation or order you may have made in advance such as a hotel room, a wedding venue or wedding cake. However, this rule does not apply to goods that have been especially made for you, known as special order goods.

Can I Be Forced to Pay a Cancellation Fee?


The supplier, for example a hotel or baker may have already asked you for a reasonable booking fee or deposit in advance. The supplier is, by law allowed to deduct a reasonable cancellation fee from that deposit.

What is a “reasonable” Cancellation Fee?

A reasonable cancellation fee is determined by:

  • the nature of the goods or services; a popular hotel in a busy tourist location may charge you more for cancellation.
  • the length of cancellation you gave the hotel/ baker.
  • whether there is reasonable potential for the hotel/baker that is acting diligently to find another person between the time you cancelled and the date you had the hotel room reserved for you
  • the normal rules of practice in that relevant industry. This means that if the hotel industry usually takes 20% of the booking fee when a booking is cancelled, that 20% is considered the reasonable cancellation fee.

What If The Cancellation Was Beyond My Control?

In some cases , you have no option but to cancel a booking, reservation or order. The hotel/baker cannot force you to pay a cancellation fee if the cancellation was because of the death or hospitalisation of the person the booking/ reservation was supposed to benefit.

Therefore, if you made a hotel booking for your mother on Mother’s day and she gets hospitalised on the day, the hotel cannot force you to pay a cancellation fee, even though you yourself are well on the day. This is because the person who was supposed to benefit from the booking is unable to make it.

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