Is the Supplier Responsible for the Delivery of my Goods?

We Have Simple Answers for You!

The delivery of goods you buy is regulated by the Consumer Protection Act which aims to protect your rights as a consumer. You can find this Act by clicking here:  Consumer Protection Act.

The supplier of goods is responsible for the delivery of the goods you have bought. These goods must be delivered

  • on the agreed date and at the agreed time- if no date or time has been agreed upon, then the supplier must deliver the goods within a reasonable time after you have bought the goods. If you and the supplier did not agree on a specific time for delivery, the suppler cannot deliver the goods at an unreasonable time.
  • at the agreed place- if the agreed place is the supplier’s place of business and the supplier does not have a place of business, then the goods must be delivered at the supplier’s home.
  • at the cost of the supplier.

The goods remain at the supplier’s risk until you have accepted delivery. This means that if the goods are lost or damaged before you have accepted delivery, the supplier is responsible.

These implied conditions only apply if you and the supplier have not entered into an agreement that states otherwise.

When are Goods Considered ‘Delivered’

You are considered to have accepted delivery when

  • you directly or indirectly communicate to the supplier that you have accepted delivery of the goods you bought.
  • when the goods are delivered to you and you do something that shows that the supplier no longer owns the goods, for example, you open the goods and start using them as your own.
  • a reasonable time passes and you do not communicate to the supplier that you are rejecting the goods.

Upon your request, the supplier must give you a reasonable opportunity to examine the goods to check if the goods are

  • of the quality and type reasonably contemplated in the agreement of sale.
  • the goods you requested if it is a special order. 

If the goods are delivered at a different place, date or time that agreed, you may

  • accept the goods at that place, date or time.
  • request that the goods be delivered at the place, date or time you agreed on.
  • cancel the agreement and treat all delivered goods as unsolicited goods.

We hope this has been as useful as it is simple. 


The information contained on aims at providing you with guidance on the South African law. We have ensured that this information is accurate, however, the law is constantly being changed. Although we have tried to keep this information accurate, we cannot guarantee that there are no omissions  or errors. Therefore, will not , under any circumstance accept liability for or be held liable for  consequences resulting from the use or inability to use the information by the reader or negligence by us in relation to the information used. Every person has unique circumstances and this information has not been provided to meet individual requirements.

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