How Do I Enter Into A Civil Union?

We Have Simple Answers For You!

A Civil Union is a voluntary union of two persons (male and female or same sex ) who are over the age of 18. This union has to satisfy the following requirements found in the Civil Union Act. You can find this Act by clicking here: Civil Union Act.

  • You cannot enter into a Civil Union if you are already married under the Marriage Act or the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act
  • If you were previously married, you must present a certified copy of your divorce order or death certificate of your former spouse to the Marriage Officer.
  • You may only enter into a civil union if, apart from the fact that you and your partner are of the same sex, you would be able to enter into a marriage under the Marriage Act.
  •  A Marriage Officer may refuse to solemnise your civil union if there is an objection and proof of a lawful impediment to your proposed union.
  • A Civil union must be solemnised in the presence of both you and your spouse and 2 competent witnesses.
  • You may not enter into a Civil Union through a representative.

We hope this has been as useful as it is simple. 


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