How Do I Make Changes to my Will?

We Have Simple Answers for You!

This post follows our previous post How Do I Get A Valid Will? We have simple answers on how you can make changes to your will. These requirements are also found in the Wills Act which you can find by clicking here Wills Act

These are very similar to the requirements for a writing a valid will.

  • You must sign the document where you have made changes
  • You must sign in the presence of 2 competent witnesses meaning they must understand what they are signing
  • Your witnesses must sign in your presence and in each other’s presence
  • You may ask someone to sign for you, provided they will sign the will in your presence and the presence of 2 witnesses
  • if you use a  mark to sign the will instead of the signature you usually use, a commissioner of oaths must certify that  the changes were made by you or you requested for the changes to be made.
  • If you pass on before the changes have been certified, a commissioner of oaths must certify  these changes to your will as soon as possible after your death.

If these requirements have been satisfied, the court will enforce your will, considering the changes you made.

We hope this has been as useful as it is simple. 


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